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In March 2016, the parent company of STV INVEST a.s. founded the company STV MINING s.r.o. On January 1, 2017, STV MINING took over all of the activities which had been previously done by the Division of Industrial Explosives, Rataje of the company STV GROUP a.s. Primary activities of STV MINING include the manufacture and distribution of explosives and providing of blasting works. Thus, the company continues in over 20-year tradition set by STV GROUP.

By establishing STV MINING, the manufacturing facilities of which are situated in Rataje u Kromerize, Czech Republic, the corporation has created a transparent entity which is engaged in industrial explosives business. STV MINING is now an important and reliable supplier of explosives, drilling works, demolition hammer operations, and other services related to blasting works. Surface operations, including quarries and blasting works at public worksites, are our main domain.

Business Activities

Our business activities are focused mostly on the Czech Republic. We are engaged in the following fields:

  • complex supplies of blasting and drilling works and secondary  blasting;
  • production of emulsion explosive charges and ANFO-type bulk explosives, distribution of other industrial explosives and means for blasting;
  • domestic and international ADR road transportation;
  • preparation works for buildings, drill holes for anchor mechanisms etc.;
  • explosives R&D.

All processes related to the above-stated activities are certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2009, and EN ISO 14 001:2005.


STV MINING distributes products of its own as well as the products made by STV GROUPS and other suppliers. Thus, a whole range of products is presented to a customer. Our main products include EMONIT and EMONIT 1 explosive charges; DAPMON, DAPMON 30 and DAPMON AL bulk surface explosives, and BP BOOSTERs, manufactured in the Policka production plant.

Drilling Rigs

Modern and high-performance Atlas Copco ROC D9, ROC FL6, and ROC T40 drilling rigs are used for drilling operations. In case of shortages in our drilling capacities, we work with reliable and reputable subcontractors.

Moreover, the facilities of STV GROUP located near the town of Policka with their large body of skilled personnel, and well-equipped repair depots, enable us to conduct the majority of repairs on our rigs on our own.

Business Partnerships

Our company continues in successful business partnerships already established by STV GROUP. Our customer portfolio ranges from small private organizations focused on excavating rock in a single quarry to large multinational corporations operating in large volumes. Among important customers for whom we realize blasting works are EUROVIA Kamenolomy a.s., M-SILNICE a.s., Cemex Sand k.s., and others.

STV MINING will continue in what up to now were business activities of our sister company STV GROUP. We want to buttress the loyalty of and trust by existing customers yet at the same time, we intend to broaden our activities and win new customers while advancing our position on the market.